Athena Design brings you the largest Virtual Museum of contemporary and vintage design lighting, covering domestic and architectural lighting between 1945 and today.

Browse the lights with romantic of even mysterious names like: Diamonds from Amsterdam, Betelgeuse, Dedicato Allo Stupore, Porca Miseria, Ask & you shall receive, Johnny be good, Arco di Arnold Circus, Pillow talk, May day or La lune sans le chapeau

Light by name



Enter a name in the box called: Light name, above. This could be a full name or a partial name. It is not essential that you know the whole name of the lamp. Filling in full or partial names will give all the available results in de box down right. If lights have the same name (this is quite common), the light name is followed by the initials of the designer to distinct one lamp from another with the same name. Clicking the correct light name will result in the wanted information.

Clicking on the displayed picture will give you additional information on the designer, the design date and the manufacturer of the lamp. An image of max (640 x 480 px) will be available upon clicking the image again.


If you fill in Aura you will discover that there are numerous lamps called Aura. If you are looking for the Aura designed by Perry King and Santiago de Miranda you select Aura PKSM on one of the pages down right to discover that this lamp has been designed in 1989 and was produced by Arteluce.

In order to see all the results you have to have an user-account and be logged-in.

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