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Manufacturer: Seguso, Vetri d arte
Start year: 1933
End year: 0
All the sons of Antonio, from when they were just youngsters, worked in the furnaces in various roles. Those that were maestros (Archimede and Angelo), in administration (Ernesto), with a technical role (Bruno), in the commercial sector (Isidoro). In 1933 the Seguso Vetri d’Arte was born in a time when innovation, experimenting, skill in manufacturing planning was in the air. These few men like warriors of their deals, strong, practical, ready for challenge and fatigue asserted themselves with their skills and became surging tides dragging other men along, simple and pure, affirming their vocation. The artistic direction was entrusted to Professor Flavio Poli who united everlastingly/forever his work to that of the factory. Other excellent maestros took part in experiments, becoming recognized craftsmen in exemplary glass objects, almost as though the Seguso Vetri d’Arte were a school teaching the art of making fine glass. From here began a period of ten years (1940 and 1950) in which the company was employed in great works not only of artistic productionbut also the production of prestigious works for Royal families, for public works and great private projects: from stations to hotels, from theatres to museums, using glass in every one of its possible functions of furnishings, lighting and decoration. At its first edition, “La Rinascente Compasso d’Oro 1954” was awarded to the work designed by Flavio Poli the motivations of which is said “…rewarding the honesty and the achievement of a furnace which has for years proceeded coherently with production of elevated taste, and together the personality of a craftsman who pursues essential expression, valorous example in a field affected by futile ornamentation”. In 1963 Flavio Poli, one of the major craftsmen of the revival of glass making on Murano, left the artistic direction, and Ernesto Seguso interrupted his collaboration for some period of time. Designers involved: Flavio Poli, Bethan Laura Wood.



Biennale 1958 Lamp 1
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