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Manufacturer: Ajeto Glassworks
Start year: 1994
End year: 0
The Ajeto glassworks are situated in the northern region of the Czech Republic, in the small village of Lindava. It is located about ten kilometers east of the city Novy Bor which is renowned throughout the world as the heart of the glass manufacturing sector. The Ajeto glassworks was founded in 1992 and officially opened in 1994. It was built on the former property of the German textile manufacturer, Ignaz Richter and Sons. The history of Ajeto does not date back as far as that of the German textile industry; even though both industries have been very successful. The slight difference being that Ajeto glass did not only become known locally and nationally, but is now known world wide, this due to its unique and instantly recognizable features. There were a few key moments in history that played an important role in the realization of a company such as this. The most important, in the chain of events, was probably when Peter Novotny first met Borek Sipek. This occurred in 1982, during the isolation of former Czechoslovakia under the so called “Iron Curtain,” when the young and at the time unknown Borek Sipek returned to the country for a short while after his immigration in 1968 to Germany and later to Holland. Together with his care taker René Roubí_ek, who still belongs to one of the most renowned glass artists in the world, he visited the Hantych glass factory in Novy Bor (which has since become part of the Crystalex glass company). There Borek Sipek was introduced to the young but extremely talented glass-master Peter Novotny, within minutes the dynamic duo collaborated to create their first glass piece, which is where it all started. Upon all of their later engagements, their collaborative work thrived and their friendship deepened. After a number of years and thanks to the velvet revolution in 1989, little by little a glass company came to be. At first, of course, it was not situated in Lindava, and like every new and unique project it lived through various tribulations. After a long search for a suitable location, the ruin of the textile factory was purchased and completely rebuilt. Until then the glass firm and its first employees worked in rented spaces in other local glassworks, for instance in “v Kamenickém _enov_” and “Novy Bor.” The team initially consisted of eight glass-workers that came together around 1990-1991. They came from the old Hantych glassworks in Novy Bor, where they had worked since they completed their training. At first the glassworkers under the supervision of Peter Novotny were only allowed to work with Borek Sipek Friday and Saturday afternoons, nonetheless these were unique and defining moments. Moments that brought forth Borek Sipek’s first glass creations, which he named after the glassworkers that he collaborated with. Well known vases like Novotn_, Laurin, Sobotka, Barkovsk_ ,_tolún, the _áral bowls, Fafala and the Kubela candleholder, by now belong to historical moments in time that define the origin and evolution of the company. To this day these examples of outstanding design are still sought after. Craftsmen can still be seen today working in the factory alongside their colleagues cooperating with Sipek and other renowned artists. This all started when the Lindava glass-ovens were first ignited. On October 28, 1994 The Lindava glass works was officially opened. For the grand opening, an international glass symposium was held. This was a joint venture hosted in Lindava and in Novy Bor, by The Egermann glassworks. The convention was overall a big celebration and attended by thirty renowned artists and designers from the Czech Republic and many other countries. Among those present were David Palterer, George Sowden and Paolo Deganello from Italy, Marvin Lipofski and Charles Parriott from the USA, Shimizu Fumio and Atsushi Kitagawara from Japan and numerous others. Due to the high quality of products produced by the skilled glass masters and the young glass company’s remarkable abilities in international communication, Ajeto soon earned itself a worldwide unique reputation. The glassworks have since been visited by scores of glass artists, designers, architects, fashion designers, photographers, filmmakers and many other artistic creators from all over the world. The collection of Boris Sipek can be obtained via



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