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Manufacturer: Sicis
Start year: 1987
End year: 0
The first step was taken in 1987, when SICIS had the intuition to be fully dedicated to mosaic, setting the goal of moving this product from the annals of history to contemporary age, and it gave birth to what would become, over twenty years later, a leader in its sector. Creativity, technology and experimentation have accompanied SICIS in this first stage, and after confirming that very first far-seen idea, have contributed to prestigious products in each and every corner of the world where SICIS plays a leading role. The idea is to see mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication, and an expression of trends, fashions, lifestyles … For SICIS, surfaces exist to be transformed into beauty and art form that represent the signs and languages of our time. It’s the mosaic tessera that acts as the interpreter, joined together in infinite chromatic and decorative combinations, shaping the outlines of architectural and living spaces. The result is collections such as Murano Smalto, Glass3, Metallismo, Water Glass, Basic, NeoGlass, Colibrì, Flower Power, Bathtub & More, Pin Up, Rug and the latest Cosmati, OrienTale, Portrait and Mediterranea… all authentic opportunities for an artistic look that is suggestive, precious and expressive at the same time. It is clear that this versatility is combined with Italian creativity, touching the spheres of aesthetic sensibilities and style, but it is also matched with a deep awareness of materials and a constant desire to experiment, to go one step beyond. This characteristic is part of SICIS’ genetic makeup. Technology and know‐how … these are the areas in which SICIS has focused in order to develop excellent products with an inimitable style. The aesthetic possibilities range in every direction and are combined with a graceful installation of the mosaic, which appears to be as soft as fabric. In fact, this result comes from a design ability that affects technical and manufacturing aspects, in which research forges ahead into the territory of avant‐garde technology, the starting point for the uniqueness and beauty of SICIS mosaics. Designers involved: Massimiliano della Monaca



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