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Manufacturer: iGuzzini Illuminazione SpA
Start year: 1981
End year: 0
The company was founded back in 1959 by the brothers Raimondo, Virgilio and Giovanni Guzzini, and the younger brothers, Giuseppe and Giannunzio Guzzini were soon involved and playing their part in its expansion. Trading initially under the name of Harvey Guzzini, the company was among the leading standard-bearers of the Made in Italy revolution - indeed of the whole culture embodied by Italian design. They made innovative choices, most notably that basic decision taken during the 1970s, to switch from the manufacture of home lighting products to engineered lighting systems: they were among the first to raise awareness in Italy as to the importance of light in adding value to architecture, and one of the first to insist on the need for lighting design and promote the profession of Lighting Designer. These commitments led to others, notably the campaign against light pollution in the early 1990s, and the efforts being made currently to curb energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. In this issue, they have decided to look at some of the visual elements associated with their history: the logos, catalogues and their general style of communication adopted down the years, since it is through these media, not least, that it can be seen as keeping pace with the culture of design - or in reality staying slightly ahead, by that finest of margins allowing ideas and their originators to be contemporary yet unique. It is a strategy that characterises the company, but equally the industrial group created by the new generation - the sons of Mariano Guzzini - an organisation existing since 1982 under the umbrella of the family holding company FIMAG (Finanziaria Mariano Guzzini), which owns Fratelli Guzzini, Teuco and Gitronica, as well as iGuzzini. And it is thanks to FIMAG that the member companies, while operating independently, are able to maintain a common cultural identity based essentially on: a sensitive and eco-sustainable approach to growth and technology, constant attention to the performance of the newest materials, a vocation for innovation in technology and design, an awareness of the central role played by design in responding to the needs of users, and a healthy respect for the market, and the value of human resources. For iGuzzini, in particular, these are the guidelines that have led them to where they are today. Designers involved: Pasquale Ajello, Ron Arad, Gae Aulenti, Piero Castiglioni, Tiziano Betti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Franco Bresciani, Luigi Massoni, Giuseppe Cormio, Giorgio de Ferrari, Michele de Lucchi, Philippe Nigro, Jean Marie Duthilleul, Norman Foster, Bruno Gecchelin, Nicholas Grimshaw, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Maria Mandelli, Pierluigi Molinari, Roberto, Matteo & Paolo Pamio (Pamio Design), Roberto Pamio, Renzo Piano, Aldo & Francesco Piccaluga, Ambrogio Pozzi, Douglas Skene & Piera Scuri, Tfourtwo (A. Litta Buttè & P. Maria Tatavitto), Masanori Umeda, Massimo & Lella Vignelli, Hirokazu Yamada (Yamada Design Studio).



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