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Manufacturer: Solzi Luce
Start year: 1985
End year: 0
SOLZI LUCE was founded in 1985 as a division of F.A.A.I. Illuminazione, a company that has been operating in Cremona since 1956, by Hon. Gianfranco Solzi, and promptly turned its attention to a sector of the public capable of appreciating the complexities of the dual aspects of form end function. Its production took on the particularities of a linear lighting design that is both dynamic and essential, with original and refined styling that achieves the maximun functionality and versatility. Mindful of these needs, the company has constantly sough innovative and original materials and pursues a policy of development of structural elements with a high technological content but always in keeping with the primary function of a SOLZI LUCE lamp. This function has the basic aim of providing lighting for interiors that is correct and pleasing. The company has the advantage of being able to produce and process the materials it uses in an autonomous manner, and this factor makes the design phase extremely accurate, with scrupulous attention to every detail. This has enabled SOLZI LUCE to achieve a high degree of public recognition on both the national and international level. In fact, its lamps are on exhibition in many museums of modern art in the United states and other parts of the parts of the world, and have won awards and major recognition everywhere. The international vocation of its products brings SOLZI LUCE to such prestigious and qualified fairs as Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Mosca, Tokyo and many others, exalting Cremona and Italian design with its success in the world. Designers involved: Archirivolto (Claudio Dondoli, Marco Pocci), Carlo Colombo, Maurizio Ferrari, Andrea Lazzari, Mario Mazzer.



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