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Designer name: Marturano, Claudio & Cenedese, Simone
Claudio Marturano was born in 1952 in Venice. He achieved a degree in architecture at the IUAV of Venice in 1977. He has always dedicated his time to interior architecture, graphics and industrial design, with special attention to the field of lighting and glass technologies, from artisan products to automated production. He has collaborated and still collaborates with various companies working in different fields, as a designer and artistic manager. He has participated in various national and international exhibitions. Some of his products are part of the permanent collection at the Glass Museum of Murano. Claudio Marturano designed alone and with Paolo Franzin for companies as: Aureliano Toso, AV Mazzega, Flaver, Florian Light, Simone Cenedese, Team Italia, Valenti and Veart (Artemide) Simone Cenedese was born in Murano in 1973, Master glassmaker and Designer, he is one of the youngest Murano glass Masters, bringing with him the background of a glass Master dynasty. He approached design with a personal interest, and soon the passion became creativity, crowned with Italian and foreign successes. The beginning was in the father Giovanniís furnace, where he learned the rudiments of an art that, still today the world envies us: the art of glass blowing. Simone Cenedese succeeded in applying a modern style and design, keeping up with the times, to such an ancient material. From this combination, only seemingly in contrast, originate the works of this young and dynamic artist-designer, who has collaborated and continues to collaborate with famous architects creating pieces destined to leave a trace in the world of glass sculpture and design.


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