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Designer name: Bignotto, Renato
  1950 -
Renato Bignotto was born in Mestre, 1950. He attended the Artistic High School in Venice, and then graduated in 1975 with honours from the University Architecture Institute (supervisors Nani Valle and Ignazio Gardella). Since 1970 he has been teaching Architecture and Furnishing at the State Art School in Venice. From 1976 to 1986 he worked with Arch. Cerutti in Mestre and then he began working as a freelance architect, focusing on made to measure furniture and began to show interest in the market for mass produced furnishings. At the beginning of 2000 he gave up his work as architect and applied his reborn enthusiasm to his adventure in the world of design. “This type of work involves rationally transforming abstract ideas into real things; my inspiration comes from nature and man, as the latter is the one who uses virtually everything that is designed. For me nature is fundamental, because it is an endless source of forms and features that are never random, backed up by extremely rational and efficient construction techniques to create forms and architecture which offer virtually unlimited ideas and inspiration. “Man” is another source, who everything is built around, the only natural landmark and the only dimension that each single item must be balanced to, from the smallest (a teaspoon) to the largest (a city), the only factor for comparison in our thoughts as designers of forms, everything is aimed at making man’s life simpler, more pleasant and comfortable and when I have completed my work, I feel that I have made a gift of wellbeing, harmony and beauty that is accessible to all of mankind.”


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