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Designer name: Chilo, Diego & Valbonesi, Fiorenzo & Ventrucci, Giancarlo
  2002 -
Diego ChilÚ was born In 1957 and studied at the IUAV in Venice. In 1985 he began working with the architect Fiorenzo Valbonesi, and was Artistic Director at ONO Luce from 2003 to 2006. Fiorenzo Valbonesi graduates in Architecture at the University of Firenze. As from 1974 he becomes principally involved in town planning and as from 1980 designs buildings both for tertiary and residential use, for both private and public bodies. In 1990 he opens the \\\"asv3\\\" professional studio in Cesena. In 1996 he starts to collaborate with Prof. Antonio Andreucci in the Department of Building Production Processes and Methods of the Faculty of Architecture of Florence. As from 1999 he has been a Contract Professor for various courses at the Faculty of Architecture of Firenze, including Industrial Design in Furnishing, in Representation Techniques and Economic Evaluation of 2CFU projects of the Architectural Construction Laboratory. In 2002 he is commissioned by the firm ONO to design the new line of household lamps together with Diego ChilÚ and Giancarlo Ventrucci. After taking a diploma in electrical engineering at the Industrial technical high school of Forli, Giancarlo Ventrucci continues his studies at Alfa Romeo. He designs portable electrical tools and organizes the relative production firm (O.E.C. Faenza). In 1969 he participates in the founding of Sirrah Illuminazione, which he represents the technical area of until acquisition by the I Guzzini group. In 1996 he organizes CRAB s.a. illuminazione for the Maresco Group. In 2002 he is commissioned by the firm ONO to design the new line of household lamps together with Fiorenzo Valbonesi and Diego ChilÚ. In 2003 he offers his experience to ONO for a new market challenge


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