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Designer name: Rosselli, Alberto
  1921 - 1976
Alberto Rosselli (born: 1921 in Palermo; died: 1976 in Milan) was an Italian architect and industrial designer. Rosselli graduated in architecture at the Polytecnico Milano in 1947. He founded in 1950 the Studio PFR in Milan with Gio Ponti and Antonio Fornaroli. He regarded his activity in the phase of reconstruction of Italy as a service to a new society: the furnishings he designed should be both modern, simple and affordable as well. With his in 1951 designed kitchen for a two person household, which is functionally adapted to the cramped living conditions of that time, he put his principles in practise for the first time. His concern was the exchange between design and industry, which is why he published in 1953 a monthly magazine and gave her the programmatic title: “Stile Industria”. Until the moment his magazine merged with the magazine: Domus, it was one of the most important platforms of the contemporary design discussion. In 1954, Alberto Rosselli with Studio PFR was involved in the planning of the Pirelli headquarters. This would besides the Carmelite monastery in San Remo, which he designed in 1958, be his only architectural work. In 1967, he worked with Isao Hosoe and designed the coach: Meteor, for which he was awarded at the Milan Triennale in 1970 with his first Compasso d' Oro. He received the prize a second time in 1987 (post mortem). The emphasis of his work was the design of everyday objects. From the 50s until in the 1970s, he designed various interiors, furniture, electrical appliances, or watches. He served as the first President of the ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), founded in 1954. From 1961 to 1963 he was also Vice President of the International Council of Societies of industrial design. Alberto Rosselli designed the Siderea lamp for Fontana Arte in 1969.


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