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Designer name: Archirivolto (Claudio Dondoli, Marco Pocci)
  1983 -
Archirivolto has been founded by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci as an office of industrial projects, design an architecture. During their architecture studies in Florence, Claudio and Marco together with a few friends created a group of theatre experiments. When, continuing to improve their cooperation, they chose to occupy themselves of design, their interest for the theatre influences in a particular way the setting of the new office: creativity, sense of realism, respect and attention for the public areas. Design is intended by Archirivolto as beauty, harmony and liberty; it cannot be bounded by rigid and fixe rules, neither subsist as a privilege of a social or cultural elite. The designer has the duty to create a beauty for everyone and to bring the design closer to a larger number of people. The research of materials and processes, in order to reach the best result in a quality to price ratio, with technically perfect objects and accessible to the large public, is one of the main activities of the office. They privilege materials which through sophisticated processing become noble and elegant as aluminium and plastic, considered by Archirivolto particularly fascinating for its extraordinary adaptability. In these last 2 years the office has definitely speed up on the internationalisation aspect of the business, obtaining also the IF Design Award 2011 and the Interior Innovation Award 2012. They receive always more requests from foreign companies, most of all German companies, where the professionalism of the designer and the precision of the product are highlighted. Even in the architectural field they have amplified their horizon to the whole world, participating to interesting competitions from which they wait for good news


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