Athena Design brings you the largest Virtual Museum of contemporary and vintage design lighting, covering domestic and architectural lighting between 1945 and today.

Find the lights that were produced in the first year after World War II or the Post Modern lights (Memphis Style) that were designed in the years between 1981 and 1987. Maybe you are more interested in the lamps of the Flower-Power generation (1965 -1971)

Light by date



Enter a year in de box: "From" and another year in de box: "To" using the pull-down menus to see the production in an era. Press: "Show results"
If you want to see the production of just one year use the same year in the box: From and To. Press: "Show results".
You will instantly get information on the no. of lights that were produced in that era.
You will also get a scrollable bar with all the lights. Use this bar to find the lamp of your choice. The arrangement of lights in the bar is alphabetically on designer
Clicking an image will result in information about the name, the designer, the manufacturer and design date of the lamp. An image of max (640 x 480 px) will be available upon clicking the image again.

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